Strong Legal Advocacy For The Produce Industry

A Critical Component Of The Produce Industry

In one way or another, the success of all produce businesses ultimately depends on the delivery of produce to customers on time and in good condition. For this reason, many produce businesses have actually gotten into the transportation business. Others simply contract with carriers or brokers to transport produce from shipping point to retailer and all points in between.

At Meuers Law Firm, P.L., our commitment to representing producers and distributors in all produce law matters from field to fork means we have extensive knowledge of the transportation of produce. With decades of experience on our side, we are able to guide clients as they enter the transportation business or as they seek alliances with carriers and brokers to ensure the safe shipment of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Handling All Produce Transportation Contracts And Documentation

Our lawyers draft, review and negotiate:

  • Agreements for transportation of produce with carriers and brokers
  • Bills of lading
  • Invoices

As we do with all contracts, we make certain that transportation contracts are drafted in plain English, not legalese, so that all parties who sign will have a clear understanding of the deal, including the rights and obligations that come with it.

Disputes Over Transportation Of Produce

As one of the first law firms to devote itself exclusively to the practice of produce law, we know how to deal with lawsuits brought by carriers against shippers and receivers seeking payment when the party who contracted with them does not pay. We also handle cases involving produce damage claims, including those involving produce damaged en route to its destination due to malfunctioning refrigeration units. These claims often involve a great deal of finger pointing. We know how to quickly cut through disputes to pursue a positive resolution for the producers and distributors we represent.

Contact Our Produce Transportation Claims Lawyers

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