Strong Legal Advocacy For The Produce Industry

Handling Allegations Of PACA Violations

Meuers Law Firm, P.L. represents produce businesses that face responsibly connected, misbranding or disciplinary actions because they have been the target of complaints alleging PACA violations. We also counsel produce businesses that wish to file disciplinary complaints against other parties.

The PACA division of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) handles all complaints. Commonly, complaints originate with a dispute over contracts and documentation. Allegations may arise that misbranding or false statements were made regarding the sale or purchase of produce, that payments have not been made or that some other actions were taken that constituted a violation of duties expressed or implied by PACA. The PACA division acts as police in these matters, investigating, conducting hearings and issuing disciplinary actions when necessary. PACA disciplinary actions can range from fines to license revocation. In the most intense cases, law enforcement may become involved, increasing the stakes.

Representation Through Every Phase Of The Process

As one of the first law firms to practice PACA law exclusively, we are highly experienced in navigating the administrative process. In order to minimize disruptions to our clients’ businesses, we seek fast resolutions. However, our lawyers are adept at arguing cases in front of PACA administrative law judges when necessary to reach a positive outcome.

The fact that these cases often originate with contract disputes means that we may need to handle civil litigation and PACA administrative proceedings simultaneously. Ultimately, our decades of experience allow us to handle all actions seamlessly and successfully.

Contact Our USDA Violation Attorneys

Call our PACA responsibly connected, misbranding and disciplinary action attorneys at 239-260-9745 or send us an e-mail. No travel is necessary. We can address all issues via phone, e-mail or fax for your convenience.