Strong Legal Advocacy For The Produce Industry

Bankruptcy-Related Issues For Produce Companies: Two Complex Areas Of Law

When two complex areas of law — bankruptcy and PACA — converge, the result tends to be very unique and intricate cases. Meuers Law Firm, P.L. brings decades of experience to cases involving overlap between these two areas of law. We stand beside producers and distributors of fresh fruits and vegetables to make certain their interests are protected at every turn.

PACA Trust Enforcement In Bankruptcy

As one of the first law firms to practice in the area of produce law, we have built an impressive reputation for results in PACA trust enforcement. When these cases involve a buyer that has filed for bankruptcy protection in an attempt to avoid paying its debts, including its debt to our clients, these cases are handled in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court. Our attorneys understand the complex interplay between the rules of PACA and the rules of bankruptcy, and are skilled at maximizing recovery for clients in this venue.

Defense Against Preference Actions

We defend producers, distributors and transportation companies that have become the target of preference actions. These actions arise when a buyer or another party files bankruptcy. The bankruptcy trustee and debtor in possession can sue parties that received payments from the debtor in the 90 days prior to the filing.

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