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Resolving All Produce Industry Disputes

Since our founding in 1989, Meuers Law Firm, P.L. has handled some of the most complex and high-value disputes in the history of the produce industry. We regularly represent produce businesses in civil litigation in state and federal courts. We also handle disputes within bankruptcy courts and before the USDA. Often, a single dispute may have facets that need to be addressed in multiple venues. Our decades of experience allow us to simultaneously address all related actions in pursuit of our clients’ goals.

Innovation Instead Of Litigation

Producers and distributors come to us with a dispute that needs to be resolved and a goal that needs to be achieved. On the surface, it may seem as though litigation is the natural path to follow. In reality, that is often not the case. Not only are there alternative dispute resolution methods like mediation and arbitration, as well as PACA reparation actions and those outlined by the Fruit and Vegetable Dispute Resolution Corporation (DRC), there may be any number of other options that innovative lawyers like ours can use to reach a resolution in less time and at lower cost than litigation.

However, litigation is a path that we are certainly comfortable with. When the alternatives are weighed and it is determined that this is the path that needs to be taken, our clients remain confident knowing that we have successfully resolved many produce business disputes at trial in civil court or in administrative proceedings before the USDA.

Committed To Positive Outcomes

The majority of produce industry disputes involve allegations of breach of contract. Our lawyers are skilled at disputes involving:

  • Breach of sales contracts
  • Good delivery disputes
  • Breach of act of god clauses
  • Fixed price contract disputes
  • Disputes over value of produce and account of sales
  • Grower/sales agent disputes
  • Grower/packer disputes
  • Import/sales agent disputes
  • Partnership/joint venture disputes

Regardless of the nature of the dispute or the venue it must be resolved in, our clients benefit from our problem-solving, success-driven approach.

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