Strong Legal Advocacy For The Produce Industry

Bringing An Insider’s Perspective Of The Produce Industry

Meuers Law Firm, P.L. was founded in 1989 by Lawrence H. Meuers, a veteran of the produce industry. For four generations, Larry’s extended family has owned and operated numerous produce companies.  The companies founded by his mother and father, and now run by his brother, are still in operation and running strong after nearly 50 years!

A Family Rooted In The Produce Industry

Larry’s understanding of the produce industry was passed down to him through generations of the DeLisi and Piazza families, who immigrated from Termini Imerese, Sicily, to Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota.  To read more about his family’s history in the produce industry, see below.

Larry grew up in the produce industry and has worked in all facets of it. He began by sweeping floors, sorting produce, loading and unloading trucks, picking up produce from farms and delivering it to grocery stores, supervising packing plants and handling all the various management duties that came with running his family’s produce business. Recognizing the need for legal services dedicated specifically to the produce industry, Larry used his family background and legal education to open one of the first law firms of its kind.

Our produce industry insider’s perspective, together with our knowledge of the law, allows us to recognize problems and find workable solutions where those without our background may see none. The solutions we provide tend to be not only innovative but also cost-effective. Furthermore, our willingness to take on any challenge has led to our handling of many groundbreaking cases and providing cutting-edge legal advice.

Personal Service In Every Case

Our lawyers take a hands-on approach with every case we handle. Producers and distributors of fresh fruits and vegetables come to us from throughout the country knowing that we not only understand the produce industry and how businesses like theirs operate, but that we will take the time to get to know the specific nuances of their unique business needs to ensure that the guidance we provide truly fits their goals. We have built longstanding relationships with our clients because of the personal service we provide and because of the comprehensive nature of our practice. We are committed to legal support from field to fork.

We use the latest technology to ensure efficiency in process and convenience for our clients. Ours is a paperless office. Everything is digital, accessible to our team and our clients wherever and whenever they need it.

Contact Our Produce Attorneys

Call our PACA attorneys at 239-260-9745 or send us an e-mail. No travel is necessary. We can address all issues via phone, e-mail or fax for your convenience.