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What Was The Deal? Understand Produce Transactions

Whether drafting a contract, reviewing a contract, negotiating a contract or handling a contract dispute, the success of the agreement and a party’s ultimate liability is going to turn on whether each party’s rights and obligations were clearly defined. The one question that always surfaces is: What was the deal?

At Meuers Law Firm, P.L., we believe this should be a simple question to answer. When we draft a contract, we draw from decades of knowledge and a thorough understanding of the intricacies and idiosyncrasies of indemnity provisions, act of god clauses and other seemingly boilerplate provisions that contain significant legal and business issues. We innovate as necessary to ensure that contracts are acceptable to all parties and conducive to the success of our clients. However, none of this prevents us from drafting contracts in plain English, not legalese, so that all parties who sign will never have trouble answering that critical question: What was the deal?

When reviewing and negotiating contracts, we make certain that our clients know exactly what is being signed, all strengths and weaknesses of the deal. We are frequently called in when produce deals are falling apart. We move quickly to protect investments and relationships by structuring deals and seeing that they are properly documented.

In contract disputes, we often begin by asking that important question: What was the deal? All too often, the answer has been lost, perhaps somewhere in a contract written in imprecise language or impenetrable legalese. We determine what our client had attempted to accomplish in the first place and seek to find a resolution that allows that to be accomplished.

Handling All Produce Industry Agreements

Our lawyers draft, review and negotiate:

  • Grower/sales agent agreements
  • Import/sales agent agreements
  • Grower/packer agreements
  • Supply purchase agreements
  • Exclusive distribution agreements
  • Retail vendor agreements
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Transportation agreements
  • Shipper/carrier agreements
  • Shipper/truck broker agreements
  • Cargo claims agreements

We also resolve disputes related to these and all other produce industry contracts.

Contact Our Produce Business Contract Attorneys

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